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Nikolaus Becker, MSc

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Candidates coaching

Module 1: Potential analyses and goal

Your strengths / weaknesses are worked out in individual conversations with your coach based on a test method and as a discussion / reflexion basis use for the personal goal setting.

Furthermore, your potential elaborate analysis offers you the following advantages:

  • Your search will become even more targeted and efficient through the knowledge gained. In this way you raise automatically your chance to apply more precisely for a really suitable job.
  • Even more professional appearance for a “suitable Job” flowing into the potential analysis in your application documents.

Duration: Online Potential analyse with approx.40 minutes and personal Feedback /Reflexion discussion approx. 2 hours

Module 2: Professional and persuasive appearance

with the support of your Coaches your appearance will be trained in realistic situations / exercises. In this way we bring out the following main points:

  • Appearance, body talk and voice
  • Dress code consultancy
  • Dealing with critical issues
  • Behaviour in interview situations
  • Adjust to different people
  • Positioning of your own USP´s

Feedback videos with your Coach provide a supplementary and rapid transfer of learning into practice as a candidate. Take home to self-study the video sequences on DVD, in addition to support documentation of Becker: human resource solutions.

Duration: 3 hours