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Nikolaus Becker, MSc

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Sales Leadership

In our leadership training sessions, you will familiarize yourself with sales and leadership tools and learn how to implement these in your daily work routine. These training sessions, together with your individual leadership capabilities, will aim to achieve profitable and long-term results. 

Some of our trainings sessions’ focal points for your successful leadership routine

  • leading discussions in which you will address and encourage colleagues to take on more self-responsibility
  • learning to guide your sales colleagues according to their worker type and level of qualification
  • building trust in your leadership and in your team’s performance
  • understanding clarity in leadership and how you thereby provide your colleagues with the necessary framework for success

Our strengths:

  • profound theoretical and practical experience in the field of sales leadership
  • strong capacity to apply methods that generate success beyond our structured learning environment

What we stand for:

  • your learning curve and competencies are central to our training sessions
  • professional feedback in our training sessions directly linked to your individual sales leadership demands
  • experience oriented learning in our training sessions encouraging you to apply your new insights in your leadership routine