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Nikolaus Becker, MSc

Telephone: +43 (0)1-96 60 210
Mobile: +43 (0) 664 3868000


becker: human resource solutions uses management cube, a proven system of skills analysis, to evaluate the key factors of success for management jobs and high-responsibility positions.

Auszug aus Potentialanayse Bilder

It is based on a thorough assessment of the workplace:

  • How are skills currently utilised?
  • Where can hidden talents be found?
  • In what areas is there potential for improvement?
  • In what direction should the employee or the manager develop?

12 solutions, each designed for a specific business sector, ensure a precise measurement of the relevant competences.

Furthermore, specific solutions tailored to the needs of a particular company allow for total freedom in modern human resource evaluation.

For clear and informative reporting, a range of report formats are available for separate use or in combination:

  • Skills profile
    strengths I weaknesses I potentials for improvement – short overview
  • Chart of skills
    a comparison of the assets of the applicant with the deficiencies of the particular function group – presented in a table
  • Qualitative skills analysis
    a detailed description of the results, with additional decision-making tools
  • Recommendations and further development
    management cube I test and assessment systems provide individual recommendations regarding further development of strengths and/or potential for improvement
  • Screening I ranking
    The screening system provides a ranking of applicants in a specific search or selection process