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Nikolaus Becker, MSc

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Team development and Teambuilding

Every team experiences multiple stages of development from forming to performing. (Tuckman).
At the same time, specific roles take shape within a team. (Raoul Schindler):

Teams only reach the “performing” stage within the context of a clearly formulated goal and the commitment of each team member. Powerful organizations rely on powerful teams. Nevertheless, the process leading to the development of a powerful team might often be complex and challenging.

With becker: human resource solutions as your partner in team development, you will establish concrete measures and action plans over the course of a series of seminars. An effective blend of activities, frameworks for a structured exchange, and concrete action plans will be implemented by means of a methodical and individual approach. Our goal is to turn you into a “performing” team (Tuckman).

Overview of our approach and focus areas

Team development goals

  • improving awareness for distinct roles in your team
  • recognizing resistance and knowing how to react to it
  • dealing with communication problems within your team
  • approaching and responding to conflict
  • strengthening cooperation in your team and knowing when to develop the social skills of individual team members


  • increasing team productivity and efficiency
  • clarifying the division of tasks, roles, and functions – Is your team optimally engaged? Who has which tasks, responsibilities, and rights?
  • optimizing structures and work procedures
  • finding opportunities for collaboration at points of intersection – encouraging information exchange and close cooperation
  • building tolerance for others – using and respecting the abilities of team members
  • solving and learning from conflict
  • strengthening mutual trust
  • generating cultures of discourse and conduct – “Feedbackculture”
  • strengthening self-reliance
  • setting clear objectives and strategies – orienting all team members towards the same goal


  • short theoretical inputs
  • group work and discussion
  • outdoor activities
  • experience-based exercises addressing various themes such as trust, information transfer, conflict, communication
  • scenario-based role-playing games
  • feedback discussions
  • short presentations with integrated visualizations


  • 1-2 day modules from 9:00 – 17:00
  • follow-ups from 9:00 – 12:30 or 9:00-17:00

An interval of 1-2 months is recommended for follow-ups.

We work with 1-2 trainers depending on the thematic focus and team size. We also optionally support parallel 1:1 coaching for managers and executives.